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Yinuo Yu is a Sydney-based designer currently studying at UNSW. She works across multidiscipline mediums of ceramics, and jewellery. She widely captures the motion of life to investigate the relationship between nature and human beings. Her work is profoundly inspired by natural species in regard to their unique language system and survival rules. She currently contributes to exploring the possibility of contemporary jewellery via the discussion of the emotional connection between the wearer and objects.

Just Very Slow Moving Animals, 2022. Sterling silver, brass, red thread, ceramics

The sense of aggression
Humans often turn a blind eye to a plant. However, plants fight for territory, search for food, flee from predators and let their prey fall into traps. The body piece made by white stoneware slip is fixed to the silver collar. The appearance of the plant is transformed into the texture of fabric adhesion. Red threads protrude from the body to create a connection with human skin, at which point the rela- tionship between plant and human becomes confusing so that it is unclear that who is the occupant.

The order of forgetting
Plants have mechanisms to store and respond to external stimuli. However, this memory exists only in a few cases, and for the most conditions plants are better at forgetting. For plants, it is very ener- gy-intensive to keep remembering the stimulus. So, they have mostly learned to forget. This brooch demonstrates this feature of plants. By manipulating the red threads to interact with the brooch, controlling the unfolding and closing of the leaves, the identity of plants has joined in the body of wearer, experiencing the process of remember- ing and forgetting the trauma.