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My practice is mostly in sculpting and drawing. I enjoy the medium of soft sculptures because its organic and ethereal materiality lends itself to my works, which are often teetering on the line between the uncanny and nostalgic. In "Caretaker" I use inviting imagery such as a pink frilly stroller, contrasting with a grey, obtrusive fish. This work speaks on animal abuse, which is an issue I am passionate about and have explored in other works in my practice. My interest lies in the disconnect between humans and animals and the often selfish relationship we have with nature. I have been a vegetarian since I was a child, and the reasons for this have evolved as I grew up, which is reflected in my practice. People often experience hesitancy and internal conflict when it comes to the issue of animal welfare, which makes it a ripe place for artistic exploration. My goal with this work and my future work is to inspire people to reconnect with nature and re-examine their relationship to animals.

Caretaker, 2022, found objects and soft sculpture, 73 x 57 cm.

I chose the pram as a symbol that evokes an instinct of protectiveness, putting a fish in the context of nurture. There is a disconnect between humans and fish for several reasons; their habitat, differences in communication, they are considered food, and their smell. I was shocked to find the extent to which fish have the capacity for emotions and their sentience, yet they often are kept in deplorable conditions as they don't have much protection against animal abuse. I couldn't help but attribute these conditions to this lack of connection and therefore lack of empathy for fish.