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I am an emerging multidisciplinary artist residing on Gadigal land. Focused on the finicky, fleeting nature of intimacy; I unpack the haptic qualities of tenderness and invite audiences to explore poignant serendipity throughout my work. Through employing videography filmed on archival cameras; projection and sound I create immersive installations that are investigatory of surfaces, sites of fond exchange. Through investigating queerness, the expanded body and embodiment, I capture glints of connection and trace vestiges of serendipitous interaction. By swallowing audiences into my mesmeric video installations, I aim to recreate and emulate locations evocative of the tender exchange and haptic intimacies that are traced in my confessional, anecdotal practice. 

"Kissing the Floor" 2022 one channel video 5:03 min.

The dance floor is a chasm of surfaces pulsating with brazen release; queerness is not only innate here, it is unavoidable. Every touch and every tether is queer; grandiose downpours of inescapable, infinite utopia. "Kissing the Floor'' is a study of intimacy and togetherness. Intimacies of serendipity and slippery surface interaction, glints of connection that bind us; cascading through affinities to come. The work documents and embodies the underground, grimy nature of the dancefloor; encompassing the slimy surfaces that are imperative to the fruitful indulgence found inside. "Kissing the Floor" discovers the relentlessness of queer utopias, their scintillations unwavering and gestural of sincere, candid kinship. Through symbolism of flickering, haptic light, found on both shimmering water and scintillating dancefloors; the work frolics in the flux of queer joy, insatiable desires and colossal, cosmic kinship.