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I am a software engineer, product designer, and media artist. While I like to combine logical and creative problem solving within my engineering and design practices, I have an interest in storytelling within my art practice, often examining human experiences and societal issues within my personal circles, with the intention of elevating voices. Specialising in Moving Image and 3D Visualisation, I have an interest in elevating visual experiences by illustrating the marriage of abstract and emotional experiences with scientific visualisations. As a classically trained musician and theorist I am also interested in the role of sound within moving image works.

Séance of the Living (Excerpt), 2022. Multi-channel digital video, colour, sound.

Séance of the Living explores in conversations how individuals navigate through prejudices perpetuated by unsustainable foundations, upon which parts of today's society still rely upon. The work features a black hole; a representation of 'constant change' - an oxymoron that reflects the fluidity of society with the capacity to change, while also illustrating the seemingly inescapable cycles faced by minority members within society. The work combines storytelling with film, technology, and visual effects in an attempt to investigate the various social issues that impact individuals today.

Séance of the Living (Excerpt) from Marcus on Vimeo.