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Nic Narapiromkwan Foo is a Thai/Chinese-"Australian" artist making and writing on stolen Gadigal land. Familial and cultural histories are woven into her works, assembling language, secrets, stories and recipes, as her ancestry centres her practice. Her work often embodies the immigrant labour- both manual and emotional- of her parents. This is done in collaboration with them through the inheritance of knowledge.

Sitting Atop Buckets of Rice

"Sitting Atop Buckets of Rice" is a lyrical essay written after my first encounter with Claudia Rankine's "Citizen". The piece weaves family history with critical theory. Like "Citizen", "Sitting Atop Buckets of Rice" continues the project of critiquing "citizenship", studying racial capitalism in its' specific emplacement here, in my family, across my city, and in my own memory.