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Emerging Writer Award

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I am a painter, writer, and general rummager, living and working between the lands of the Gadigal and Dharawal people. My work is broadly interested in the things that elude our grasp, support structures and the stories that bring us to our work and each other. Always attempting to find ritual in the everyday, collective in the familial and history within the object. My practice uses drawing, painting, photography and writing to attempt at a mess that coheres, to trail feelings, lines of desire and the phenomena of the everyday that is obscured by habit. My writing is attentive to familiarities that are curiously underrepresented; emphasising communal care, leisure, and labour.

Making Friends

"Making friends" is a poem and essay drawing on questions of communal care, fatigue and routine. "Making friends" is an attempt to follow friendship, a curiously underrepresented and slippery relation, across movements and borders. The essay endeavours to take serious something often taken for granted. To position friendship as a way of life, a support structure, a threat, a blindspot, a phenomenon obscured by habit. How might friendship deliver us from violent trespasses inflicted upon those in the periphery? How can friendship unravel associations of love, romance, resource, leisure and care typically bound to couples and families?