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Dedicated object and graphics designer with an extensive background in various artistic mediums. Experienced in woodworking, jewellery, ceramics, publication, branding and intervention design. Adept at working independently and collaboratively on projects, and committed to achieving visual innovation and beauty. Bringing forth the ability to work well with others and utilise my hard and soft skills to enhance projects efficiently. The concept of social and environmental sustainability is employed as the cornerstone of my design practice. My work often interrogates the social identity of the young Asian Australian generation and the importance of environmental consciousness by drawing inspiration from the natural world.

WOOD WORKS (2022). Approx. 446 x 450 x 510mm. Made of recycled timber from abandoned furniture

In a society that thrives on consumerism, furniture has evolved to become a vessel for fashion trends and social status. In doing so, the throwaway culture has reached its peak, leading to increasingly impersonal and unsustainable furniture designs. Wood Works, an upcycled stool, therefore aims to shed light on sustainable design practices in the furniture industry through the theme of Biophilia.

Wood Works is inspired by the Melaleuca, an endemic species otherwise known as the tea tree or paperbark, commonly associated with longevity, revitalisation and growth (Melaleuca Leucadendra - Some Magnetic Island Plants, 2019). Drawing on the Melaleucas' bark, which are heavily layered and have a distinct peeling texture, Wood Works is designed to mimic the revealing layers of the paperbark. Recycled parts of furniture such as old planks of timber are laminated using traditional joining methods to form a small stool, without the assistance of adhesives or metal components. By celebrating the found timbers' original finished exterior in the final product, Wood Works makes a strong statement on traditional perspectives of old versus new.

Inspired by Max Bill's Ulm Stool from the Bauhaus movement (Bauhaus Movement, n.d.), Wood Works is a multifunctional furniture piece - it can be used as a traditional seating but also transformed into a side table, shelf or even a coffee table. Wood Works extracts the conventionally "in trend" aesthetics of minimalism and fuses it with sustainability through ethical means of production to ensure a low carbon footprint.

To position support beams at unusual positions, and urges users to think outside the box and break free from expectations imposed upon by consumerist ideologies. It also references contemporary designers who contribute to the framework of sustainability. Wood Works aims to visually and physically provide an opportunity for the users to adore and appreciate the material that laid the very foundation of our modern world, thus, encouraging and inspiring them to cherish their own furniture at a domestic level.