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Throughout my childhood I was always intrigued by objects that were out of the ordinary, I had a passion for colour and for creating colour filled objects with my hands. This intrigue and passion transgressed into a love for textiles and their applications in the world. In my study of textiles I was introduced to the art marble dying, a medium that is displaced from ordinary colour. It is a semblance of organised chaos, an assault on the senses. My piece challenged me to explore other aspects of textiles and marble dying and guided me to sustainable reupholstery of otherwise disused objects. The chance to transfer my love of colour and marble dying onto an otherwise mundane object excited me and drove me to create something completely unique and discombobulating. This new realm of textiles has opened my future up and I intend on using these new skills to improve sustainability in the world of design.

PolyChroma Rebirth, 2022.  Upholstery, Marbling, Textile Print Design . 2 x 2.5m

This project is a design that revolves around sustainable development and reducing the amount of material waste produced. The aim is to give old objects a renewed finish using marble dyeing, digital printing and upholstery as a way of increasing the usable lifespan. As both a designer and an artist I enjoy the structure within the psychedelic chaos of marble dyed pieces and so I selected one of my own marble dyed prints to match. Throughout the implementation of this project multiple objects were considered and finally I selected an arm chair and a footstool that my grandparents intended to dispose of at a general waste facility and a lamp shade that I found during a local council clean up. I initiated this project as a way of drawing attention to the waste we generate and to provide a practical example of how we can revive vintage objects and save them from landfill. Through the reuse of the object frames I was able to remove approximately 100 Kilograms of waste from the cycle.