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Platonic Lover. A body of work of knitted pieces made to adorn the body. Knitted while sitting on some rocks. Platonic Lover is inspired by the deep love and connection shared in our interpersonal relationships. The feelings that hold you in awe of your lovers. It's a natural occurrence of humans coming together, embracing the interconnectedness that we all share. More than ever, human interaction today is being replaced by screens, and we find ourselves living in a time of loneliness and isolation. Platonic Lover is the antithesis of this. We are founded on nurturing connections, as it is these connections that influence our unique sensibilities. The pieces are multi-faceted, to be worn in whatever way the wearer pleases, taking on new forms, shapes and possibilities.One can explore their self-expression through they wear, wrapping their limbs in knit, adapting the pieces in their own unique ways, and fostering the connections between us. Each garment draws on the connection to the natural world, reminiscent of the contours and colours in the landscape.

A body of work of knitted garments. 2021-2022.

Each pieces was constructed in over 2021/2022.  Using natural yarns and fibres with both hand and machine knitting techniques. Each pieces is multi faceted, they vary in size and can be worn in multiple ways.