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In my practice, my main goal is to improve the quality of life of the viewer through a humorous painting or a functional design that can help in day-to-day activities. With this purpose, I like to add a stylised touch that I enjoy designing and observing. My practice often consists of inspiration from a single initial sketch, with a possible meaning already in mind. The purpose usually develops as I continue drawing. My style has evolved from this, emphasising line, shape and tone to accentuate the subject; although I try and experiment outside of this, I seem to have developed a solid link to my design style of a bit of fun and a little weird as all things should be. I aim to open my own business in the future to share my art with all people through prints, commissions and other modes. Sharing my art and for people to enjoy my art is the main goal in developing my personal brand.

"Morphing" (2022), Digital drawing (adobe fresco), 450x450 mm

Based on the human figure, “Morphing” experiments with tone and shape to create an intermingling system of figures and personalities. Demonstrating an iterative process that develops and conceptualises as it is being created, slowing building out from the center forms.
The use of scale, and repetition to create a pattern optimises the experience of the viewers, finding hidden details throughout the piece. As I invite the audience to observe this illustration, I aim to evoke thoughts of personal representation and ambiguity, questioning the stereotypes and “norms” that we as a society have shaped.