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Joyce Guo ( She/ her, b. 2000) is an emerging Chinese artist and arts worker who lives and works at Gadigal land in Sydney, NSW. Her practice spans various mediums, ranging from painting, sculpture, and moving images to installation. As a first-generation Chinese immigrant, her work explores the migrant experience in Australia and the Chinese heritage in the context of globalization from both personal and historical lenses.

Multi-media Installation, 4:33 minutes video documentary, 3:45 minutes audio Narration, Print on canvas 100 x 120 cm, Print on three blocks 600 x200 x75mm.

Great Wall Amnesia is a project that explores the erasure and reinvention of Chinese identity over time through the atemporal lens of both personal narrative and historical memories. Throughout the process, the images have been distorted, layered, repeated, and erased. The text shows the deconstruction and reconstruction of the Chinese identity when facing the paradigm shifts and globalization in 20th-century Chinese contemporary art. The blocks serve as non-human objects that carry the fading historical memories about the transformations. The voiceover narration shows my personal memories and my identity crisis when confronting the global culture.