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Nic Narapiromkwan Foo is a Thai/Chinese-"Australian" artist making and writing on stolen Gadigal land. Familial and cultural histories are woven into her works, assembling language, secrets, stories and recipes, as her ancestry centres her practice. Her work embodies the immigrant labour- both manual and emotional- of her parents. This is done in collaboration with them through the inheritance of knowledge.

Untitled (2022). Video, performance, installation.

Growing up in "Australia", the artist moved house seven or eight times. Each time, even when living out of home, her mum would lead in practising Thai and Chinese homemaking rituals to give
thanks, to protect and to ensure happiness, health and good fortune. The artist practises these rituals at Blenheim House as an interruption- one that is necessary to belong to the site, space and context- paralleling her parents' ongoing efforts in belonging in a host society with a dominant monoculture. Untitled documents the artist's embodiment of her parents' labour as immigrants. It is a collaboration with them through the inheritance of knowledge.